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A Place Called Home

This web site was created to give this small fishing village on the rockbound coast of Newfoundland the recognition it so richly deserves.

My name is Roland L. Noël. I was born Freshwater, Newfoundland (Conception Bay North) in 1941, the eldest child of Edward and Mabel Noel (Butt). I have three siblings, my brother Davis and two sisters Glenys and Gertrude (Gee). I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little more about myself and touch on some of the ideas and people who inspired me to share some of Freshwater with all of you.


Poet Roland Noel HeadshotStarting as a young lad in pre-Confederation Newfoundland I soaked in many of the old stories and traditions associated with this historic name place and began the poetic journey that would ultimately lead to the publishing of my works in: Day Dreams and a Place Called Home.

In 1963, at the age of 22, I made the bold choice to leave home to test my fortunes in the U.S. There I served 4 years in the United States Air Force before finally settling in Massachusetts in the early 70’s, married Eve, my wife of 49 years, who is also from Newfoundland hailing from Port de Grave about 25 minutes south of Freshwater. From there we raised a family and formulated successful careers.

Both of our children, Christian and Justin, graduated university and have gone onto successful careers of their own in Corporate Marketing and Software Development, respectively.

I never forgot where I came from and made frequent trips home throughout my life. Today I am enjoying my retirement years and now summer in Freshwater, on the very lane where I grew up, continuing to observe and write. After all these years I still find myself making new discoveries regarding the history of this land and its people. It is with pleasure that I share it with you and the world through my works.

Discover Freshwater where the past and present fuse together manifesting in its boundless beauty and deep history. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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